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Lawn Cutting & Maintenance

At C&V Landscaping, Inc. we are here to remove some of the everyday tasks from your busy lives. We offer weekly lawn cutting at a competitive price. Our customers receive dependable service from our lawn cutting teams. You can depend on C&V Landscaping, Inc. to do a complete and professional job from start to finish.

Fertilization Treatments

We provide an initial consultation and recommendations to help control weeds and strengthen your lawn through the year. Our program is designed to deal with the adverse conditions that will affect your lawn through the growing season. The treatments consist of the correct application at the appropriate time of year.

Spring Clean-Up

Winter can play havoc with your property. At C&V Landscaping, Inc. we will come in and clean –up the damage that winter may have caused to your grounds. Our professional crews will make sure that your property will be ready for the spring season.

Fall Clean-Up

When leaves fall during the Autumn months, they breakdown on your lawn and can cause damage to the turf. We offer the removal of them off your lawn and beds in a timely manner based on your needs. The fall clean-up can also provide the cutting back of perennials and removal of annuals.

Plant Installation

At C&V Landscaping, Inc. our experienced staff can help guide you through your planting needs. We can recommend plants and trees that will add curb appeal to your property and beds.

Low Voltage Lighting

Our intention is to illuminate your outdoor living. Strategic up lighting of your trees, shrubs and walkways will add a brand new accent to your landscape design.

Mulching and Bed Clean-Ups

Weeding, edging and mulching of the beds provide a well groomed look for your property. At C&V Landscaping, Inc. the application of triple shredded hardwood mulch will help maintain weed control as well as provide a finished appearence.

Pruning and Trimming of Shrubs and Small Trees

As with anything that grows, trees and hedges need attention. When properly trimmed and maintained it manifest the true beauty of your home. The maintenance of trees and shrubs does require expertise as well as the proper equipment. C&V Landscaping Inc. has the skill set to handle this project for you.

Cleaning Gutters

In order to prevent clogging of down spouts and gutters it is important to clean out the debris on a regular basis to ensure correct water flow. C&V Landscaping, Inc. will maintain your gutters and down spouts to eliminate build up and blockage.

We look forward to discussing your landscaping needs.

Did You Know?

Besides the enjoyment of a beautiful yard, landscaping adds more value
to your home than almost any other improvement!